Hero & Zero: Life in the Balance & A Monster on the Loose

hero and zero

Hero: Two women recently battled to bring a man back to life after he experienced cardiac failure during a tennis lesson at the Mt. Tam Racquet Club in Larkspur. Former Stanford nurse Suzanne Dolan and her friend Melissa Lasky were on the next court when the victim dropped to the ground. Suzanne ran to him and assessed that he was unconscious with no pulse. While she started chest compressions, she instructed Melissa to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The man came back to life and then drifted away again; however, when paramedics arrived minutes later, he was alive. After a stint in Marin General’s ICU, he’s recovering at home and enjoyed a heartfelt reunion with Suzanne and Melissa this week. We hear that both women will receive an award from the city of Larkspur. Bravo.

Zero: Long-time Pacific Sun reader and letters to the editor writer Tony Good reports that he was asleep on a balcony on Fourth Street in downtown San Rafael last week when an unknown assailant attacked him. The next morning, after his friends saw him and told him that he needed medical attention, he walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus to Marin General. He looked bad enough that a passerby insisted on calling an ambulance. They were rightfully concerned. Good sustained several injuries from the atrocious assault, including three facial fractures, a cut near his eye that required stitches and a sprained hand. The merciless Zero who committed this crime is the worst kind of monster, for Good is homeless and disabled. We wish him a quick recovery.


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