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Trumpian Twist

That so many congressional Republicans showed up at the New York courthouse to show their unified support for the convicted felon and head of their party makes clear that Republicans are still the party of law and order—albeit with a Trumpian twist: Break the law 34 times and sow disorder.

Martin Blinder, MD

San Anselmo

Get Your House in Order

On June 4, the House voted to sanction International Criminal Court officials—House Republicans’ response to the news that the court is seeking an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

HOW is this U.S. business? This is between Israel and the ICC. If the U.S. wants to file an amicus curiae (friendly) brief, go ahead, but stop meddling in business in which the U.S. is NOT a signatory. Congress should tend to its business.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa

Power Pig

In response to Gary Sciford’s excellent and informative letter published May 15, 2024:

Piggy (PG&E) rises to the highest form of Orwellian doublespeak: The private utility company that has destroyed town, forests, people and animals in California through neglect, while paying bonuses to their criminal officers,

claims that adding a standard extra fixed charge will reduce our bills!!!

Barry Barnett

Santa Rosa

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