.Cold War Redux

Cold War Redux

The war in Ukraine is proving that the future of the human race looks very grim, unless the United States and Russia can end the ugly Cold War between us. This angry rivalry has divided much of the world into two enemy camps and has kept humankind on the brink of nuclear war for over 60 years.

Those who have supported the nuclear arms race have argued that the “balance of terror” between our intensely competitive nations is the only way that peace between our two nations can be maintained. However, the present war in Ukraine is pushing the world beyond all acceptable limits of danger. It is time to recognize that the constant threat of nuclear war is not going to save us from an eventual outbreak of that nuclear war. And it is irrational and suicidal to remain hoping that world peace can be maintained from our mutual terror of that always possible Third World War.

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If we in the West truly want to extend freedom and human rights in the world, then our fanatic competition with Russia (and China) must be replaced with a genuine and reliable friendship with these current enemies.

Rama Kumar



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