Hero & Zero: A tourist rescue & a public pooper

hero and zero

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: A darn lucky tourist from Florida survived his own stupidity after he climbed a fence to take a photo and slipped off a steep cliff at an overlook near the Golden Gate Bridge last week. The middle-aged man fell 75 feet and clutched onto vegetation to stop his descent. An unidentified young tourist from Russia dashed down to help and grabbed the dangling man’s wrist. With no support under his feet, the man hung in the air, 300 feet above the Bay, until the rescue crew arrived and Marin firefighter Willie Krakauer rappelled down the bluff in darkness. Krakauer clipped a rope to the man and crews hauled him to safety. Kudos to courageous Krakauer and the brave mystery man who saved the foolhardy Floridian.

Zero: For years, Ruth Barkan has picked up pooch poop from the trail at the end of Crown Road in Kentfield. Though she’s on strike now and the waste continues to pile up, the Kentfield resident still tries to enjoy her walks on the fire road. Last Sunday, even she was aghast by the sight of a boy, around 9 years old, who pulled his pants down and dropped a load. Once finished, the child and his father walked away and left the dung behind. Apparently, they chose to ignore the dispenser filled with plastic bags and the trash can next to them. “What is wrong with people?” asked Ruth, as she shook her head and scooped the kid’s poop. The answer: They’re Zeros.  Unlike heroic Ruth, who deserves a pristine path.

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