Hero & Zero: A mysterious message & a parking dilemma

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Delanie noticed a nice-looking, clean-shaven man standing in the median in front of Whole Foods in San Rafael. He held a sign that read, “I love you.” Since he didn’t carry panhandlers’ accoutrements, what did his message mean? Was he waiting for his special someone to pass by? Delanie fretted that he lost a bet and had to stay there until someone shouted, “I love you, too.”  Perhaps he never says those three simple words to his wife and she said, “No nookie for you until you stand on the corner with a sign declaring your feelings for me.” Maybe Trump is a possibility and we’re going to hell in a handbasket, but hey, I love you. Or, he’s just happy and wants us to be, too.

Zero: Pacific Sales in San Rafael seems overly possessive of its parking spaces. Tow trucks sometimes extricate cars owned by patrons of the neighboring gym. Certainly it’s the appliance store’s prerogative to get rid of the invading vehicles, but why bother when the lot never appears to be full? Guillermo, Pacific Sales’ manager, told us that signs are posted in their parking area indicating that the spaces are designated for their store. Got it. Still, what about those empty spots just waiting for droves of Pacific Sales’ customers? Guillermo said it’s their parking lot and part of their lease. All true, but we think a compromise might engender some goodwill for Pacific Sales. After all, some of the gym’s customers may be future buyers of appliances.

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