50 Years Ago

Don’t get us wrong. Not everything is peachy keen in the county. The schools are suffering badly from a taxpayer revolt, accentuated by many adult’s disfavor with the excesses of some youngsters. Marijuana use is growing like the proverbial weed among the very young, indicating if nothing else that there are plenty of households were parents have botched things up. Confirming this, the number of practicing psychiatrists in Marin has multiplied like crazy. . . . —Editorial, 6/4/69

30 Years Ago

All eyes were on diminutive runner Robyn Root as she pulled off an upset victory over defending champion April Powers in the Sun’s twelfth annual Memorial Day 10K…. Monday’s race starts at the College of Marin track, winds its way through Kentfield, Ross and the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, then returns to the College. . . The Pacific Sun 10K Race this year hosted its most competitive field yet—the strongest its ever been, says race organizer Kees Tuinzing. More than 3,000 entrants competed for $5,000 in prize money and incentives.

—Greg Cahill, June 2, 1989

20 Years Ago

It’s time we confronted the menace on our streets and highways: Honk if you’re sick and tired of dodging SUVs piloted by cellphone-toting nincompoops. While their drivers chatter away, oblivious to other vehicles and pedestrians alike, these bulked-up gas-guzzlers change lanes and bully through traffic with unpredictable abandon. (Surely those gleaming status symbols are equipped with turn signals.) Here’s the deal: If you must barrel around town in an urban assault rig, hang up your damn phone and pay attention. —Mike Thomas, June 2, 1999

Compiled by Alex Randolph

Pacific Sun
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