Letters to the Editor

July 18-24, 2018

Ordinary People

Little-known socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was outspent 10 to 1 by a powerful incumbent Democrat, won her New York primary with a progressive, people-oriented message that attracted volunteers and brought new people to the polls. If she can do it, so can Dan Monte, a Democrat running against an incumbent Democrat for the California Assembly, and Veronica “Roni” Jacobi, another Democrat running against an incumbent Democrat for the California State Senate.

Both incumbents have large sums of campaign cash, much of it coming from corporate donors. The voting records of the incumbents reflect that. If you want a government that works for ordinary people, then choose the candidates that don’t take corporate cash.

Dan Monte entered the race because the incumbent was doing nothing to advance single-payer healthcare in California, even though a bill for single-payer healthcare had already passed in the State Senate. Dan’s primary goal is to get the bill passed. But he is a true progressive on all issues. See his website at danmonteforassembly2018.org.

Roni Jacobi is in the race because she has a passion for reversing climate disruption. She has been working on this issue for years and, as an engineer, has technical know-how that the incumbent lacks. See her website at ronijacobi.com, especially what she says about the incumbent’s voting record.

I urge everyone to volunteer for and donate to Dan Monte and Roni Jacobi’s campaigns.

Esther Riley



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