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Anna Dellaria finds strength in her songs

From a young age, San Rafael native Anna Dellaria used music as a built-in mode of self-expression. The keyboardist, vocalist and singer-songwriter remembers dragging family members into the living room to perform make-shift concerts and teaching herself music in middle school.

“I went through a lot of weird phases as a kid in middle school, trying to make friends and such, as I’m sure many people go through,” says Dellaria. “The thing that kept my head on straight was writing songs. It allowed me to work through what I was feeling and grapple with these larger issues of what it means to grow up.”

Now based in Los Angeles, Dellaria graduated from the prestigious and competitive USC Popular Music Program in 2017, and the 24-year-old is ramping up her pop-music career with a steady performing schedule in L.A. and gigs writing music for television programs like TV Land’s “Younger” and Paramount Network’s “Heathers.”

“That’s been an awesome opportunity in a way that I’ve been focusing in on utilizing music not only to express myself but to tie in with film and TV in creating a story,” she says.

Regarding her own work, Dellaria has a debut EP in the works, and is hyping the EP with a series of singles being released through next year.

“Coming up in 2020 will be a series of singles that I think are my most cohesive work that I’m most excited about,” she says.

Dellaria is also passionate about using her music for good causes, and she possesses a philanthropic streak, donating her talents to organizations like Girls Inc. in Alameda.

“A lot of my songs are centered around the idea of self-empowerment, even through challenging times,” Dellaria says. “As someone who grew up struggling with anxiety and depression without having the tools to describe it yet, I feel strongly about telling people that are also struggling with these emotions that those struggles don’t define your worth, but rather make you stronger because you’re able to battle through them.”

This weekend, Dellaria is back in Marin County and giving back to the community that fostered her music with a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Cyclebar in Novato on Sunday, Dec. 1. The fundraiser begins bright and early at 8am and will include several 45-minute cycling classes at Cyclebar, with Dellaria performing inspiring music in-class and in a public noontime concert reception. All donations go to Marin-founded organization Beyond Differences, which inspires students nationwide to combat bullying, social media anxiety and more.

“For me, (the event) is going to bring together art and fitness, which has also been a helpful tool for me to work through those issues,” she says. “It’s open to the public, anyone can ride, or if they just want to check out the music or come out, we want to bring people together and think about how we can help empower kids in our community.”

Anna Dellaria appears at the Beyond Differences Fundraising Ride on Sunday, Dec. 1, at CycleBar, 5800 Nave Drive, Suite J, Novato. Rides happen 8am, 9am, 10:30am; reception at noon. Reserve a spot at cyclebar.com/location/novato.


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