.The Laurel Tie

Marin County has the distinction of having harvested from a California laurel tree from Mount Tamalpais and thence providing the “Last Tie” for the First Transcontinental Railroad in the U.S. It is my mission to hand-deliver letters from the Marin County Board of Supervisors recognizing this fact to both the official May 10 Golden Spike 150tth Anniversary Ceremony celebrating the completion of the first U.S. Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah, and to the May 11 Golden Spike Conference of the Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association, in Salt Lake City, and to further convey awareness to others.

As Chair of the Board, Irish Literary & Historical Society of the San Francisco Bay Area, I am pleased to convey appreciation to the Hibernian Society of Utah for all they do for Irish heritage, all their civic contributions to Utah and particularly for their participation in celebrating the collaborative efforts of all the people who built the First Transcontinental.

As the iconic Gold Spike has been largely associated with the capitalists who financed and administered the construction of the Transcontinental—let the “laurel tie” be associated with the workers, the Chinese, Irish, Italians, emancipated African Americans, Mormons and all others who actually labored and built the railroad. The laurel, ancient emblem of victory, fellowship and peace is a fitting symbol of tying our country together.

J. Patrick Goggins

Mill Valley

Praise Trump

President Trump’s political opponents are doing this nation and the entire world a huge disservice by criticizing President Trump as being too friendly with Russia’s President Putin.

The fate of the entire human race hangs by the most slender thread over the abyss of nuclear war. This possible nuclear holocaust is the greatest danger ever faced in our species’ history of one million years. Preventing this unbearable tragedy from happening must become the highest priority of every responsible human being.

I urge all those who are justifiably angry with President Trump for so many of his reactionary policies to suspend their anger toward him in his dealings with President Putin. Improving the U.S.’s relationship with Russia and specifically with President Putin is of the greatest importance in preventing the outbreak of a nuclear war with Russia.

Therefore I totally and unconditionally support President Trump’s efforts to create a friendlier relationship with President Putin. Saving humanity from a nuclear holocaust is our first duty as intelligent and responsible people.

Rama Kumar


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