.Trivia – April 27, 2022

1 San Francisco is the only city that’s home to a moveable U.S. National Monument.  What is it?

2 What large industrial equipment is named for a small insect that lives only one-four months before changing its appearance?

3 According to Nielsen Music’s 2020 report, who were the Top 5 best-selling music artists of the decade 2010-2020, based on album and record sales, excluding streaming?

4 A most disastrous accident occurred on April 26, 1986, at what nuclear power plant, located in what country at that time?

5 If all the Pixar movies were listed in alphabetical order, the top of the list would be what popular 1998 film?

6 What political leaders from the U.S., Egypt and Israel signed the 1979 Camp David accords that led to a signed peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, which still stands today?

7 Depending on its current location, what’s the maximum number of nearby squares that a chess knight (horse) could possibly move to on its next move?

8 About 4 million tourists each year visit this 265-acre zoo that’s home to about 6,000 species of animals, located where in New York City?

9 What musical website/app is named after the first woman created by the Greek gods?

10 Over its long history from 1947 until today, the NBA team called the “Warriors” has been named for what three geographical locations?

BONUS QUESTION: When shoppers at Harrods department store in London first experienced this new invention in 1878, some people felt woozy and had to be restored with a shot of whisky. What was it?

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1 Cable Cars

2 Caterpillar, which becomes a butterfly or moth.

3 #5: Drake, #4: Justin Bieber, #3: Taylor Swift, #2: Adele, #1: Eminem

4 Chernobyl, in the USSR (Ukrainian SSR), before the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. (The land is still radioactive today.)

5 A Bug’s Life

6 Jimmy Carter of the U.S., Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menachem Begin of Israel

7 The knight could move to any one of eight nearby squares on its next L-shaped move.

8 It’s the Bronx Zoo.

9 Pandora, a streaming music app that creates individualized playlists for its listeners, based on their musical tastes

10. Philadelphia Warriors, 1947-1962; San Francisco Warriors, 1963-1971; and Golden State Warriors since then

BONUS ANSWER:  It was the escalator, elevated moving stairway, later installed in subway stations in London and New York.


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