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14th Amendment

Excellent Open Mic by Miriam Gindin, “False Choice” [May 10]. I support the use of the 14th Amendment, Section 3, for removing insurrectionists from offices, and barring insurrectionists from candidacies (you know to whom I am referring). But that provision, as delegated to Congress to enforce, requires a two-thirds vote of each house. That is never going to happen, especially today.

But I read with interest how a judge in New Mexico ordered a county commissioner to be removed from office. It seems that this is an area we can work on to help restore our democracy (to some extent).

Surely there is one federal judge, perhaps several, who would be willing to enforce this important section of the Constitution?

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Barry Barnett


EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to a change made during the editing process, last week’s cover story [“Finally Seen,” May 10] misrepresented the number of women, girls and two-spirit people reported missing with the federal government. There were 5,712 such reports as of 2016, not 5,712 reports filed in just that year.


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