.Hero & Zero: The Purlettes+1 & a drunk student

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: The Purlettes+1 may sound like a funky soul band, but Marin fashionistas know that they are an orchestra of senior women knitting heart and soul into every exquisite Sarah Oliver Handbag. Marinite Sarah Oliver started designing handbags as gifts for friends and family and when retail stores began inquiring, she knew she had an opportunity. Fond memories of knitting with her mom and grandmother inspired her to contact The Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley to recruit knitters. Sarah Oliver Handbags has grown into a successful company with $1.9 million in sales. Last week, Oliver appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and walked away with a $250,000 investment from three sharks, who are now partners in the business. Purlettes+1, you have huge fans here singing your praises.

Zero: Rest up before class, because if you snooze, you may lose, and we’re not talking about missing a pop quiz. College of Marin student Michael Trump, 25, allegedly committed the heinous crime of nodding off in class while a few sheets to the wind. After the instructor couldn’t prod him to rise and shine, campus police hauled him away. The over-enthusiastic cops searched Trump’s bag (is that even legal?), discovered booze and measured his blood-alcohol level. Their verdict—one drunk college kid. Rather than let him sleep it off, they arrested the young man and charged him with two misdemeanors. Bad judgement abounds, because the Marin County District Attorney’s office has chosen to spend our tax dollars to prosecute Trump, who is contesting the charges.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

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music in the park san jose
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