.A Look Ahead—The show was Postponed but We’re Still so Excited

Hi all, and happy Wednesday! Which outfits have you been excited about this week? Any particular look that’s brought you joy, or made you feel like your best self? As ever, I want pics! @northbaybohemian, @marinpacficsun

On to other Look-related items: Remember when I wrote the New Year’s Eve piece about wearing glitter and gold because we need to be the light for 2022? And remember how pretty much everything got canceled right after, and then I got Covid? Well, a super-cool event that was meant to happen this month has also been postponed due to the ongoing bummer that is Omicron. But, barring any additional disasters, it’s scheduled to happen May 28—and we all need to be there, because this is our chance to be the light-bearing sparkle hounds we were always meant to be.

I’m talking about the North Bay Ball, hosted at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma. This is an invitation to be the North Bay Glitterati. This is the North Bay’s Met Gala. It’s a runway show, showroom, drag extravaganza and dance party all rolled into one, with an MC. It’s the place to be.

Presenting six local designers and stylists—@2ndzshop, @7anet7ackson, @alejandro_salizar_g, @bigmouthunique, @bucklucky and @thaiteeaaa, be sure to follow them on instagram—and showcasing mini-collections, the North Bay Ball will also have live airbrushing from @malcolmstuart, a dance party DJ’d by @saintrosedisco, snacks and coffee from @neighborhoodgardeninitiative and, get this, anyone in the audience can walk the runway, with the best walk taking a tiara prize. Imagine being the person ending the night dancing with a tiara for best runway walk. Legs out, shoot the shot.

Postponed means things might even be in a better spot—who knows, the mask mandate might even be lifted—and either way, 100% of the door proceeds for the North Bay Ball go to Face 2 Face, a nonprofit dedicated to ending AIDS in Sonoma County.

We don’t need any further reasons to explore local fashion and dance.

See you all in May!

Looking good, everyone.



Jane Vick is a painter, writer and journalist who has spent time in Europe, New York and New Mexico. She is currently based in Sonoma County. View her work at janevick.com.


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