.The Best Romantic Boat ride Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry

Marin is a special place, gifted with many magical locations of almost surreal beauty. Count Angel Island among them. And of all the journeys one can take through Marin, the boat ride to Angel Island is close to the top in terms of sheer visual magnificence. But not just any boat ride—one must take the historic and family-owned Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry with its many decades of local service, and one must travel there with the apple of one’s eye in hand. A blue-sky summer day is best, for it is most conducive to bringing out the luster in the eyes of one’s beloved. All of which is to say, the ferry trip makes for a romantic moment for those in the market for such things. But don’t dally—the short ride is only 10 minutes long.

This isn’t to say there aren’t other excellent places to steal kisses in Marin County. At this time of year, in particular, the number of birds and bees in the air almost surpasses counting. Some would say this climate requires stolen kisses on a regular basis. Some might find the proper moment on the fog-shrouded rocks at Point Reyes Lighthouse, others while swimming in pristine Bass Lake north of Bolinas. Some might find the right opportunity while gazing south from Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands towards the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge or while gazing west towards the horizon from the top of Mt. Tam at sunset.

But for those who want to follow their kiss with a long walk on a secluded island in the bay, the Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry ride is a must.

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—Mark Fernquest


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