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The Republic of Tea leads the way

By Tanya Henry

According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc., Americans consumed more than 80 billion servings of tea—or more than 3.6 billion gallons—in 2015. Novato-based The Republic of Tea is just one of the ever-growing number of tea companies that continues to fuel the nation’s thirst for the popular beverage.

When asked how the 24-year-old company remains competitive with so many brands vying for shelf space, Todd Rubin, president of The Republic of Tea says, “We have been out in front doing a lot of firsts in the category. We created the first biodynamic tea, an original blend with chia seeds, and recently our Sonoma Teas are the first to incorporate wine grapes.”

Distinctive circular tins and round tea bags are part of the whimsically designed packaging that makes The Republic of Tea stand out from competitors. The company produces more than 300 different premium teas and is continually developing new blends and flavors.

Given the many health benefits associated with green teas, the company has launched both a collection of SuperGreen Teas and Functional Green Teas. With names like Brain Boost, Serenity and Immunity, the SuperGreen Teas are all blends of matcha combined with everything from gingko biloba to lavender, basil and elderflower. With the addition of floral herbs and hints of spice and fruit, the sometimes tannic matcha is softened, and some of the earthiness is offset by more palatable flavors.

“Something that sets us apart is our focus on taste,” explains Rubin, who cites specific offerings created to help with a host of ailments including cognitive health, immunity, brain function and more. “We add cinnamon and use plenty of flavors to help balance our flavors.”

Summer is in full swing, and a blend of organic matcha combined with coconut water and green tea leaves is the latest iced tea concoction from The Republic of Tea. Find an array of tea flavors at local Marin stores, or check them out online at republicoftea.com.


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