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Aug. 1-Aug. 7, 2018

Local Hero

In a disparaging era of walls, kids legally separated from their parents, social injustice and the ever-present racial inequality, it is a profound pleasure to realize there are still those whose compassion overrides any personal, monetary or political gain. Marin County’s own Marv Zauderer, CEO of ExtraFood, is setting an example for all to follow by providing much-needed food for the county’s underserved (Heroes & Zeroes, June 27). Mr. Zauderer points out that one in five Marin residents are food-insecure, and has devoted his life to addressing this shameful situation in one of the most expensive areas of the world to reside. Truest of bona fide heroes and yet another reason that makes Marin County and the Bay Area one of the most outstanding places in the entire world.

Dennis Kostecki



As someone who has read more than my fair share of articles about blockchain, bitcoin and other crypto currencies, I have to say this is one if the most clear-eyed and thoughtfully descriptive pieces I’ve ever read on the subject (“Blockchain Gains,” July 25). Kudos to Mr. Mackowiak for avoiding the hype (and the hate), or getting tangled up in a very complex subject.

Jeff Carino

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