.Letter: ‘Herd mentality? I think not …’

Suffer the little children, and forbid them not their vaccinations

[In regards to Don Harte’s letter, “Measles Shmeasles,” Feb. 13, which argues that measles is a trivial childhood malady, and that it is vaccinations that cause more harm]: When an otherwise healthy child suffers through a case of the measles, it likely isn’t a tragedy. However, if that otherwise healthy child exposed an infant or a child with a compromised immune system to the measles, that scenario could end in tragedy. Herd mentality? I think not. Behaving responsibly for your child’s benefit and the good of your entire community doesn’t make a parent a lemming, it means that the parent understands basic science and the sanctity of life. Go bellow about something that could actually help others. Global warming, terrorism, lack of gun control, homelessness. But, please, enough complaining about measles and vaccinations. We’ve actually already solved those issues, as long as we all participate. Be well.

Nikki Silverstein, Sausalito

Pacific Sun
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  1. Niki I enjoy reading reading you in the Pacific Sun. However it would be important to research the fraud at the CDC and Merck Labs. William Thompson, a senior researcher at the CDC admitted last August 2014 that the results of his research was fraudulent for over 10 years. He admitted it caused 340% increase in autism. Two researchers at Merck are suing Merck for fraud. And this is what is called medical science! The CDC is a for profit corporation listed on the Dunn & Bradstreet. There is a fund for damaged patients caused by vaccines which is exhausted. Funded by our tax dollars because the drug industry is exempt from product liability. What other industry is exempt?

  2. I imagine most of these parents who are anti-vaccination have never seen the devastation of a case of polio, or known someone who died of smallpox. Or someone who has had rheumatic fever and its lifelong aftermath. These are young parents who poo poo vaccinations because these very vaccinations are the reason they have never seen or experienced these (and other ) maladies. Gee, do you think the drug industry is composed of profit-greedy scumbags? Of course it is – so what (buy some stock and offset your costs). The bottom line is that vaccinations save lives!! And some people get rich – it’s the American Way, folks. Show me the DIRECT link between autism and vaccinations and we can discuss it further – this reminds me how the GOP keeps saying “I’m not a scientist so I am not sure global warming exists.” I can only say that Suzanne Summers also is not a scientist, so the fact that she isn’t sure of the efficacy of immunization and a dollar will get me on a bus. We have out-Marined ourselves – Jon Stewart is right. Maybe the anti-vaccination people should turn their attention to circumcision – I mean if you insist on staying in the Dark Ages at least make the subject titillating.


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