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1 What type of Chinese after-dinner treat was invented in San Francisco?

2 What is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea?  

3 This is possibly the only food that does not spoil. Archaeologists who found some in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs said it was still edible. What was it?

4a. VISUAL:  Throughout his amazing 12-year NBA career, Steph Curry has made what percent of all his free throws? (…ends with 0.) And what percent of his 3-pointers? (…ends with 3.)

4b. A player gets to shoot one or two free throws, and his team retains possession of the ball, when the referee calls a what?

5 How many dice do you use in a game of Yahtzee?

6 VISUAL:  Give the title of the popular 1998 Pixar film about very small animals?

7 What agency within the United States Department of the Treasury is in charge of printing money?

8 In 1935, Kodak produced the first color roll film for cameras, known by what brand name?

9 VISUAL:  Actor Michael Keaton starred in three movies with one-word titular characters whose names end with ‘man.’ What were they?

10 What two future U.S. Presidents signed the newly written Constitution of the United States, on September 17, 1787?

BONUS QUESTION:  When H. Ross Perot ran for the Presidential nomination in 1992, his campaign song was what country music hit written by Willie Nelson and recorded by Patsy Cline?

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1 The Fortune Cookie

2 Cuba

3 Honey

4a.  90% fouls / 43% of 3-pointers.

4b.  Technical foul or flagrant foul

5 Five dice

A Bug’s Life

7 Bureau of Engraving and Printing

8 Kodachrome

9 Batman, Birdman, Spider-Man

10 George Washington, James Madison  

BONUS ANSWER: Crazy (that’s quite a campaign song, no?!)

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