1 California’s toughest maximum-security prison has what birdlike name?

2 What’s the current year, in Roman numerals?

3 British Queen Elizabeth II was born in London on April 21 of what year, whose digits add up to 18?

4 Cats have whiskers not only on their face and head, but also where on their bodies, and for what beneficial purpose?

5 After the American Civil War, 15,000 freed slaves left the United States to live in what African country?

6 Who was the first vice president in the U.S.?

7a. Today’s Russia was previously known as the USSR, an abbreviation for what 4-5-word name?

7b. The USSR existed for about how many years?

8a. This past year’s popular movie, Belfast, won a number of awards. In what country is the city of Belfast located?

8b. What world-famous singer/songwriter and former Marin Country resident was born in Belfast?

8c. The Academy Award-winning Best Picture from 2002 had a one-word title, the name of a large city, but not Belfast. What was the title of this Best Picture?

9a. What is the scientific name for the North Star?

9b. Seven of the stars in the constellation Ursa Major form what grouping, named for a household product?

10 At 16,066 ft, the Vinson Massif is the highest mountain peak in what continent?

BONUS QUESTION: In 2010, 24-year-old Georgia Boscolo, of Venice, Italy, became the first woman to hold which profession, ending 900 years of male dominance in this field.

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1 Pelican Bay, in Del Norte County


3 1926

4 On the back of lower front legs–used for navigation, sensing movement and position

5 Liberia (whose capital is Monrovia, named after the U.S. president)

6 John Adams, who served under George Washington

7a. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

7b. About 70 years, from 1922 until 1991

8a. Northern Ireland

8b. Van Morrison (whose music is featured in the movie)

8c. Chicago

9a. Polaris, also called polar star or polestar

9b. Big Dipper

10 Antarctica, about 700 miles from the South Pole

BONUS ANSWER: She became the first woman to pilot a gondola on the canals of Venice, the first gondoliera, after 400 hours of training and practice.


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