.Hero and Zero: Sharing the road and soaring gas prices

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: We’re thrilled that the San Rafael Police Department spent last Friday focused on enforcing safety laws that protect bikers and pedestrians. Though the sting lasted for only eight hours, it netted 33 scofflaws. Offenders included 10 drivers ticketed for red light, stop sign and illegal turn violations; six drivers nabbed for distracted driving; three bicyclists caught for red light and wrong way violations; and 14 pedestrians cited for crossing against a red light, jaywalking and failing to obey signs and markings. Why all the fuss? It’s warranted. Over the past three years, the San Rafael Police Department has reported five fatalities and 229 injuries from collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists. We’re not sure when officers will be on the prowl again, but let’s just share the road.

Zero: We gasped in disbelief at the sign in front of Bridgeway Gas in Sausalito. On March 11, the posted price was $6.97 per gallon for regular unleaded gas. To give you perspective, the Shell up the street was charging $3.49. Someone must have played a joke by swapping out the numbers on the Bridgeway Gas board. To be helpful, we dashed inside the station to alert the woman behind the counter, who identified herself as the owner’s wife. She confirmed that the exorbitant price was correct. “We sell to tourists,” she said. “They don’t care what they pay.” Technically, Bridgeway Gas isn’t violating California law, because price-gouging is tied to a declaration of emergency. Perhaps, but we declare that the owner is guilty of being an inflated Zero.

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