.Open Mic: I Love the USPS

I recently returned to California from Costa Rica. There are many wonderful aspects of Costa Rica; the people, the wildlife and the food, to name a few. One of the worst is the postal service. There is no handy mailbox in which to put your letters for delivery. You must either use a post office box or use an outside service. When using a post office box, delivery time is dicey. Letters sent to the United States can take up to two months for delivery, sometimes more.

I moved to Santa Rosa three months ago. The USPS turned out to be the most reliable method of delivery. I could set my watch on my mailman. Then, last month, I noticed a change. The mail was coming in a little late. I also noticed a change in the behavior of some of the carriers. The stress was palpable. I realized that there was a very human toll being taken by the Trump administration’s attack on the USPS.

This week, I decided to do something. I made a poster that said “I love USPS.” I went to the post office on Lombardi Court. I waited in line with my poster. When the customer in front of me turned to leave, he saw my poster and gave me a big grin. I walked up to the post office worker, and asked if I could put my poster up. He was delighted. He put the poster in the front of his window.

I encourage anyone who feels sympathetic to the USPS to express your support in whatever way you are comfortable. Next time you see a postal worker, wave at him or her or give them a thumbs up. Send a letter or call your local, state or federal representative letting them know how you feel. Go to your local post office and let them know how they are doing. Or, if you are so inclined, put up a poster expressing your feelings.

Oh, and be sure to vote against Trump and all of his cohorts in November.

Sara Madison lives in Santa Rosa.
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