.Letter: ‘Obesity rates were far lower in the 1960s and ’70s…’

What’s .8 billion between friends?

Charlie Morgan’s assertion that Islam has the most followers is not correct [“The Needle and the Damage Not Done,” March 6]. According to the latest stats from The Huffington Post, there are roughly 2.3 billion Christians of all denominations, while Islam has about 1.5 billion. As for Elizabeth Lynne’s argument against vaccination [“You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right … to Measles Paaartay!” March 6], please keep in mind the recent population explosion all over the world (due in no small part to religious leaders seeking larger numbers of followers and by proxy more power), that obesity rates were far lower in the 1960s and ’70s (and that a much heavier population is far more susceptible to myriad diseases like diabetes and cancer), plus modern medicine debatably keeping people alive longer than necessary have all exacerbated this issue.

Tony Good, San Rafael

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