Letters to the Editor

Peace Wall Pt. Reyes protest and an appreciation for good journalism


Peter Byrne, in his opinion piece about the Peace Wall event and the Pt. Reyes protest, is right on many counts. Yes, those of us at the Sebastopol gathering were a bunch of alte cockers. That’s Yiddish for old folks, although a more direct translation would be considered scatological. But, ya know, Peter, in many Native traditions elders are considered role models and wise people because of our many years of experience in the world. I suspect you are in that category, but we have never met, so I don’t know for sure. And, another thing, you are certainly entitled to your opinions, but I think being afraid to criticize someone because they are a member of a racial minority, is racist. I hold everyone to the same standard of decency. Of course it was political suicide in the old days to stand up for Palestine. But the world has moved forward and some members of Congress, many of them people of color, are taking that risk and not losing their jobs. That’s all we are asking of Barbara Lee, who was willing to take a risk 20 years ago, and could hopefully work up the courage to take another risk today.

Lois Pearlman



Am floored by your superb reporting. Pt. Reyes NPS debacle (Cows vs. Elk), an issue near and dear to my heart as a 3rd generation lover of Marin’s natural beauty and hater of all things political, led me to your exceptional articles on this issue. As I see the breadth of your coverage on this site I am further amazed. You deserve a Pulitzer on this one and others. You write the journalism I miss. If there ever was a time it was needed it is now!

Paula McNamee

EDITOR’S NOTE: Peter Byrne’s article, “Come Together,” Sept. 15, stated that protesters chanted at a Sept. 11 event in Sebastopol. The protesters did not chant, but did wave signs. The article has been updated online.

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