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Hardly heroic

Joe Bialek’s letter as well as Nikki Silverstein’s “Hero” were complete drivel [July 8 issue]. Well, mostly drivel, as Bialek’s assertion that the taking down of the Confederate flag is ultimately irrelevant was, unfortunately, correct.

Mr. Bialek seems to have no understanding that some gun owners enjoy target shooting at gun ranges, hand loading ammunition for optimal accuracy, clay pigeon shooting with shotguns, or for competition. That all mentally ill Americans should be denied their 2nd Amendment rights is a gross oversimplification and quite offensive. Should a person diagnosed with depression and no history of violence be at the mercy of their attacker(s) in the event of a home invasion? All the recent anti-gun rhetoric is completely out of control. Although much less publicized, take a look at the case of Carol Browne. Had the New Jersey resident been able to obtain a handgun, her unfortunate death may well have been prevented. Alas, draconian gun laws in that state require a lengthy process, and her restraining order against an ex-boyfriend in addition to  increased surveillance did nothing to protect her. I am in agreement with most left-wing political goals, but liberalism is quite inimical to all sides and seems to ultimately result in little more than solipsistic whining, bitching, and moaning. We could all could use less of it, everyone.

Why on Earth is Julie Wainwright a “Hero” for obtaining signatures to change the perfectly succinct and logical name of the Waldo Tunnel to the Robin Williams Tunnel? Although everyone was initially upset about his suicide, hasn’t anyone given some thought to the fact that the wildly overrated comedian hadn’t appeared in a decent movie since 1997’s Good Will Hunting?

Is this really the best Nikki Silverstein could come up with? Jesus Christ, that’s just pathetic! Not too long ago, I helped a diabetic old woman carry her bags to a clinic so she wouldn’t collapse before reaching her destination. Since I was not busy, I just felt a duty to help someone. Hardly heroic, but far better than the arbitrary and completely unnecessary renaming of the rainbow-painted tunnels at the Southern Marin entrance and exits. Wainwright is far more a “Zero” in reality.

Tony Good

Pacific Sun
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