Forty Years Ago This Week

In an “era of limits,” it’s time to limit official travel to states that have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), the Board of Supervisors reiterated on a split vote this week. Robert Roumiguiere voted against the renewal motion as “superfluous.” The discussion arose because the supervisors approved a trip to Georgia for the county coroner to attend a conference on forensic science.

Feb. 2–8, 1979

Fifty Years Ago This Week

For the first time in human history, the female of the species can decide when and if she wants to become pregnant. She can operate on the same sexual basis as the male without having to risk the burden of an unwanted pregnancy. This is a fact of our time that many individuals seem not to have absorbed.

This technological innovation must underline any discussion of sexual morality. We too soon forget the lessons of the past that often taught that it was the survival of the species that dictated morals, and vice-versa. In the nomadic struggle for existence of Biblical times, a large tribe meant a powerful one; and a populous nation meant more soldiers. Large families were a national asset. Today, they are in grave danger of becoming a national burden.

The Rev. Charles Gompertz, Feb. 7, 1969

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