.Hero & Zero: An honest mailman and a dishonest restauranteur

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: While running holiday errands, Sandra went to her bank to withdraw $1,000 in cash. As she drove through her Novato neighborhood, she spotted the mailman, stopped her car and jumped out to hand him outgoing mail. She continued with her to-do list; however, she soon realized that her wallet was missing. Friends and family helped her search, and she even called and emailed neighbors. No luck. Sandra experienced a long day, filled with the inconvenience of cancelling credit cards. At 5:30pm, her mailman, Ayub Duple, drove up with her wallet, contents intact. Yes, she had dropped it when she saw him earlier and he had to wait until after his shift to deliver it. Sandra is thrilled and grateful with Ayub Duple’s special delivery.

Zero: Unless you’ve worked in retail, you may not be familiar with the dishonesty displayed on occasion by customers. RH, a seasonal employee at Crate & Barrel in Corte Madera, started to stock the selling floor with a dozen clay dinner plates that had been returned. Immediately, she noticed that the dinnerware was scratched, the barcode labels had been removed and the dishes were cool to the touch, indicating that they had residual moisture. Her co-worker was familiar with the customer and the situation. “The guy owns a restaurant in Sausalito,” he said. “We’ll have to mark them out of inventory.” RH was rankled by the restauranteur’s return of the used plates, because “he essentially ripped off Crate & Barrel for $120 worth of merchandise without hesitation.”

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