.Letter: ‘The medical industry is the third leading killer of Americans …’

Yes, but they’re first in spittoons …

Editing a medical ethics magazine must give Steve Heilig practice at turning a blind eye. The medical industry is the third leading killer of Americans. Their own estimates range from 200,000 to 800,0000 dying from iatrogenic or medically induced causes. They’ve never actually bothered to count all their kills. Despite prestigious commissions exposing their deadly practices, the medical industry has not reduced their culling of the herd.

Scientific evidence and for-profit medicine can fit in the same sentence, but they struggle to coexist in the same peer-reviewed paper. Was titling his article “Please Vaccinate,” while promoting a bill to force parents to vaccinate regardless of their personal or religious beliefs meant to be ironic? Making Californians follow in the public health footsteps of Mississippi, number one in infant mortality, childhood obesity, diabetes and mandatory vaccination rates surely is.

Stephen Simac, author of “Save Trillions with Universal Health Care”

Pacific Sun
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