As an inspiration for her sandwiches, I hope Ms. Underwood looks to the pre–made mini–baguettes at the Rustic Bakery in Novato (“Rising Loafer,” Sept. 4). Not only are they less expensive than sandwiches made–to–order, their presence serves to move the line at Rustic quickly. Rustic’s open–face, Scandinavian–style sandwiches can serve as an inspiration, too, especially for people who don’t want so much bread, but want it to be superb—as Brickmaiden certainly is.

Sarah Cameron Lerer, via Pacificsun.com

Brickmaiden is a treat every person in Marin should enjoy, often.

Eric Eides, via Facebook.com

Spring To It

As a fellow resident of Uranium Springs and member of a Gang Called Turbulence, I couldn’t agree more (“I Left My Heart in Uranium Springs,” Aug. 14). Great to see you there every year!

The Desert Yeti, via Pacificsun.com

To Die For

Wow, she’s so beautiful (“A Guide to ‘Dying Well,’” Sept. 4).

AlejandroMS, via Pacificsun.com

Correction: Longtime Pac Sun reader Skip Lacaze sent us a friendly note that the nude beach in Stinson is called Red Rock Beach, not Red Rocks Beach (“Stinson Beach Ahoy,” Sept. 4). Thanks, Skip!

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