Letters to the Editor: Concerns Over Cannabis Tourism

Cannabiz Concerns

Just say “NO” to cannabis tourism. Public safety is at stake! Our Supervisors will be voting on the Cannabis Ordinance soon and are considering removal of the current cannabis-tourism prohibition. Please write your Supervisor and demand the County retain and actually enforce the ban on cannabis on-site hospitality activities. Request the County uphold County Ordinance No. 6245, Sec.26-88-250 (c) (5), which states: “Tasting, promotional activities, and events related to commercial cannabis activities are prohibited.”

Before further endangering public safety by adding more inebriated drivers to our rural by-ways, Sonoma County officials need to address current tourist-related traffic problems, including the County’s higher than average accident rate and DUI- related fatality rate.

Sonoma County’s traffic analyses, released November 2019, concluded that future travel conditions will worsen. And, as more roads operate below acceptable levels, safety hazards and accident rates will increase. The reports also found significantly higher peak-season accident rates – especially from 1-6 pm on weekends – indicators that tourist autos and bicycles play a role in increased accident rates.

Our rural residents and tourist’s public safety has been jeopardized by unregulated alcohol tourism; let’s not make the same mistakes and expect a different outcome with the cannabis industry.

Judith Olney, Healdsburg

Editor’s Note:

In reply to the recent spate of reader correspondence regarding cigarette advertising in the Pacific Sun and the Bohemian—believe me, I get it. Please note that the editorial team is neither part of, nor privy to, the decisions that manifest whatever advertising accompanies our work. Suffice it to say, the ad team does their job so that we can do ours.

Admittedly, that can lead to disconnects, like running a cigarette advert in a purportedly “Health & Wellness” edition. The irony was not lost on us, nor was it by some understandably concerned readers. Your emails reminded, in stark black-and-white, the deleterious effects of smoking and how off-brand and tone deaf the ads seemed. Your voicemails used more colorful language—point taken. This feedback helped spark important, ongoing internal conversations (and echoed many of our own concerns).

I personally appreciate, welcome and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts with us, f-bombs included. — Daedalus Howell, Editor

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