.Hero & Zero: Robin Williams Tunnel and a power-hungry guard

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: The threshold of Marin, a tunnel with arches painted in the colors of a brilliant rainbow, will soon be named the Robin Williams Tunnel. Julie Wainwright of Belvedere gathered almost 62,000 signatures on a Change.org petition seeking to rechristen the tunnel to honor Williams, the cherished comedian and actor, who lived in Tiburon and committed suicide last August. Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) responded by introducing a resolution for the name change, which was approved by the California state legislature. “I am thrilled to hear that the Rainbow Tunnel name change was approved, as it speaks to the universal love towards Robin Williams,” Wainwright said. Her company, The RealReal, will underwrite the cost of the signage for the Robin Williams Tunnel. Well done, Julie Wainwright.

Zero: After a long day at the Italian Street Painting Marin festival in San Rafael last week, Richard and his two young children headed home for dinner. His 6-year-old son’s favorite drawing, the adorable pug, was still a work-in-progress, so they hurried back after their meal to see the completed masterpiece. Unfortunately, the gate closed minutes before the San Rafael trio returned. The power-hungry guard at the west gate refused entry to them, though there were at least 100 people still inside and they only wanted to see the pug. As the disappointed 6-year-old cried, the wannabe cop threatened to have Richard arrested for trespassing. The child remains scared that the police are coming for his dad. Zero, this little guy deserves a big apology.

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