.Hero & Zero: A star catcher and a name discrepancy

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Was that Buster Posey in the Giants stands who caught a foul ball headed straight for a fan’s noggin? Nope. It was that equally talented 10-year-old San Anselmo kid who put it away and saved his distracted father from a heck of a headache. John Pizzi, Jr. wore his glove and was on alert at a San Francisco Giants game on Sunday afternoon when Brandon Crawford hit a fast-moving foul over the first base line. “It came. I stuck my glove out, caught it while my dad wasn’t looking,” said the modest Pizzi, Jr. Even the TV commentators were impressed, with one calling him “awesome.” We agree that we have an awesome hometown hero and we’re sure proud of him. Dad, you owe him one.

We agree with activists Kerry Peirson of Mill Valley and Noah Griffin of Tiburon that the Dixie School District in San Rafael needs a name change. Some believe that the name refers to the Old South and the 11 Dixie states that seceded from the Union. Could be. The district was formally established on November 3, 1863, while the Civil War was raging. A school district official says it was named for a Mary Dixie, a Miwok descendant. Whatever the origin of the name, there’s no denying that the word Dixie brings up connotations of slavery, racism and the Confederacy. Similar efforts to change the name have failed in the past. It’s time for the school board members to take a stand to end the Dixie era.

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  1. Dixie name change? Stupid, rediculous and your knee jerk uber p.c. Is always tiresome. Leave us alone, please.

  2. OK, even though it was supposedly named after Mary Dixie, sure why not. What’s next changing “Blackies Pasture” to “Horse that was the Color Black Pasture?”


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