.Your Letters, Aug. 1

Transit Woes

It’s heartbreaking to hear that Golden Gate Transit bus and ferry ridership is still at historic lows and revenue is down $1 million weekly. The ferry has long been a staple of Marin with service in Larkspur, Tiburon and Sausalito for commuters and tourists. Losing this mode of transportation would be a big loss for the county as a whole. So try riding the ferry every once and a while.

Adam Abolfazli



It is shocking and shameful that our government representatives in Marin County are continuing to neglect, disrespect and abuse the people of Marin City and their legitimate concerns and wishes. It’s no coincidence that Marin City just happens to be home to the only concentration of African Americans in the entire county. The rest of us must stand up against this injustice, by speaking up to the Board of Supervisors and demanding either a course correction or a replacement of them by supervisors willing to stand up for long-denied justice and self-determination for our neighbors in Marin City.

Peter Oppenheimer

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