.Open Mic: Michael Krasny Signs Off

By E. G. Singer

It is a rarity these days, to find someone who has devoted decades to several professions concurrently. Radio host, college professor, author and public speaker Michael Krasny (who is retiring as host of Forum on KQED Public Radio) has been blessed—and has blessed us—with his genuine curiosity to explore and educate the general public through his interviews and conversations with program guests.

His far-reaching knowledge on many subjects and insightful questions have encouraged his listeners over the years to quietly pay attention, and in the process, become better informed. It has been one of his defining contributions to us.

We have been privileged to start our mornings listening to a marvelous variety of topics discussed. To say he has developed a large following would be an understatement—he has, for lack of a better term, become an institution or radio personality with Forum (characterizations he would humbly disavow, I’m sure!). At the very least, he has provided a forum where ideas and views can be exchanged.

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Being a boomer, television was the medium I grew up with, but radio was always, and still is, a presence in my life. And I realized that the tone and tenor of a voice could draw in my attention. Michael’s voice was steady—never shrill or angry or mocking; his demeanor, respectful and calm. He created a safe and sane environment for dialogue with his guests, and always invited his listeners to participate. The discussions were always civil and erudite (No small accomplishment these days!).

The San Francisco Bay Area and its outer environs will be losing a voice that has brought incalculable pleasure to the many listeners who chose to tune in these many years.

Michael’s personal vision, along with his staff, have provided an educational platform that has encompassed the political, social, cultural and artistic worlds, we live in—and tried to make sense of it all.

Our mornings will not be the same without you! You will be missed.

Thank you. 

E. G. Singer lives in Santa Rosa. Michael Krasny’s final broadcast as host of KQED’s “Forum” is Friday, Feb. 12, at 9am. Tune in at KQED Public Radio 88.5 FM or stream live at kqed.org.
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