Hero Zero


Ken Pontac of Sausalito was not the least bit amused by the “Mexican Man” costume he found at Spirit Halloween store in Marin City. He posted a photo of the costume with the comment, “Tone deaf much?” on his Facebook page. Perhaps it’s a symptom of Trumpism and his rants against the people of Mexico that prompted the store to carry it. We decided to find out by visiting the store and speaking with assistant manager Amari Allison. She took one look at the costume in our hand and without hesitation said, “That isn’t right.” Right on, Amari. We showed her where we found it (the store is huge) and without hesitation she pulled every last one of the racist costumes from the display. What we thought would be a Zero turned into a Hero story. Thank you, Ken and Amari.


For years, our tirades about people who don’t clean up after their dogs went unheeded. Now it appears some folks got part of the message, but still aren’t clear on the entire concept. Follow carefully. Pick up your dog’s poop, put it in a bag and discard it in a proper trash receptacle. We don’t want to see excrement, or the bags containing it, in the middle of the scenic trail we’re hiking on. Keep your bags with you. If you have multiple dogs, bring a plastic shopping bag with handles and throw the poopy bags in it. We figured it all out for you. You’re welcome.

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