.Studying at California Virtual Academy

At the end of my junior year in high school, I was looking to get a head start on my college degree. However, when my school prevented me taking classes at the local junior college, I knew it was time to explore other options. Here are three reasons online school worked for me:

1) I received support. Going into my senior year, I decided to enroll in California Virtual Academy (CAVA) so I could work and study from home. This enabled me to not only study on my own time, but also made it easier to enroll in part-time classes at my local college. It felt safe, it felt natural and it felt like the right decision to move forward in my life.

2) My schedule was up to me. Working my school responsibilities into a schedule that worked for me allowed more time for my outside hobbies. I pursued art, baking and cooking, as well as making dinner for my family in the evenings. Previously, I had spent over an hour commuting each way, and with the ease of working from my own home, I found free time to not only make dinner and participate in hobbies, but also to finish homework and go to bed earlier.

3) My career was jumpstarted. I transferred last fall to a college where I won an award and medallion for my student leadership and community involvement. I worked as a peer career coach on-campus and am excited to take my experiences from these opportunities as I finish my bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and pursue my master’s.

Overall, I found an environment that worked incredibly well for me. My chances to pursue hobbies and develop time-management skills have greatly contributed to my accomplishments today. I encourage students in a similar position to explore online schools and hope they have the same support and success that I did.

Abigail Selby 

Santa Rosa


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