1 Marin County generally gets 75% of its water supply from Mt. Tamalpais reservoirs; most of the remaining 25% comes from where? 

2 What lively, whirling Italian dance was thought to be caused by, and a cure for, the bite of a spider?

3 The Greeks invented the name of this unusual animal, from two words meaning nose and horn. What animal is this?

4 What red-hot chili pepper is named for the capital city of French Guiana?

5  What two actors, whose last names begin with K, have starred in the movie role of Batman?

6 From the Italian word for bench comes what word, meaning a ceremonial feast to celebrate a person or event?

7 What consumable product was introduced around the year 1560 into France (and later the rest of Europe) by Jean Nicot?

8 What Spanish-speaking country has the largest population?

9 Debuting in 2015 was what dramatic TV series about a small-time, hustling attorney, a spinoff of Breaking Bad?

10 When dissolving salt in a glass of water, does the water temperature remain the same, warm slightly or cool slightly?

BONUS QUESTION: The three northernmost teams in the NBA have names that begin with T (city or team name). What are they?

Correction from last week’s column: the Grateful Dead’s final concert, at Soldier Field in Chicago, was on July 9, 1995.

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1 Russian River watershed

2 Tarantella, after the tarantula spider

3 Rhinoceros = Rhinokerōs, from rhin=nose + keras=horn

4 Cayenne pepper

5 1989: Michael Keaton and 1995: Val Kilmer

6 Banquet. Thanks for the question to Marty Albion from Lagunitas.

7 Tobacco, supposedly intended for healthy and medicinal use. The word nicotine comes from his name.

8 Mexico

9 Better Call Saul

10 Cools slightly

BONUS answer:

1.  Portland Trailblazers (45.5 latitude, the northernmost)

2.  Minnesota Timberwolves (45.0)

3.  Toronto Raptors (43.6)


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