.Doggone Pet Owners

I am writing in response to the “Heroes and Zeroes” that ran last week. The writer has a consistent bias against cyclists and assumed the sheriffs were on the Mill Valley multi-use path to slow bike riders. I have commuted on the path for 30 years and seen many cyclists hit by off leash dogs. I was hit by a dog and broke my elbow. Could it be that the sheriff was looking out for dog owners that break the on- leash law? I sincerely hope so as I will never be the same after my injury because of someone’s disregard of a law. The dog owner ran off after her dog. I was lucky enough that another cyclist stopped and chased after the perp. Yes, this is a multi use path so everyone should obey the law.

Sharyn Trevillyan

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Warming is the Threat

Rama Kumar argues that a possible nuclear holocaust is the greatest danger ever faced in our species’ history, and preventing it from happening must become the highest priority of every responsible human being (“Letters,” May 8, 2019).

I disagree. Nuclear war is certainly a possibility, and it’s terrifying to contemplate, but we should remember that nuclear weapons have not been used since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 77 years ago, thanks to the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction and more than a little luck. Global warming, on the other hand, is not a possibility, it’s a given. It’s happening now, and it’s happening faster than predicted.

Rama Kumar can continue to believe that preventing nuclear war should be humanity’s highest priority, but to suggest that the likes Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin can play a constructive role is strikingly naive.

Stanton Klose

San Rafael


In the Pacific Sun’s April 24, 2019 Best Of issue, writer Jonah Raskin incorrectly stated that the Marin County Civic Center will become a UNESCO World Heritage site. The building is no longer a candidate, says civic center docent Ted Krienes. In addition, tours through the building no longer include the courts. The Pacific Sun regrets the error.

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