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I first met Shaina Kerrigan when we both worked at Yelp and years later re-connected when she was starting Molly J.

The Sausalito-based brand aims to solve life’s most common ailments like stress, sleep interruptions and hangovers with plant-powered, handmade confections.

What do you do? I’m the founder and CEO of Molly J. I’m also on the board of Bread & Roses, a non-profit that provides live music to people and places in need.

Where do you live? Mill Valley, in Sycamore Park.

How long have you lived in Marin? About 10 years.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

Barring vacations, I haven’t skipped my morning cold brew at Equator in downtown Mill Valley. I sometimes detour from work to Susan Hauser’s Now Power Yoga for a beat-bumping sweat session. A typical evening out on the town involves sitting by the firepit at Bungalow 44, then heading to Guesthouse in Ross or Perry’s in Larkspur.

If you had to convince someone how awesome Marin was, where would you take them?

Bungalow Kitchen just for the incredible dinner music playlists (seriously, it’s one hit after another!). If they had kids, we’d hike up the Dipsea steps and down into Homestead Valley. Otherwise, maybe see a movie at the Cinelounge in Tiburon, or a show at Sweetwater Music Hall if a good band is playing.

What is one thing Marin is missing?

A wine bar with live music!

What’s one bit of advice you’d share with your fellow Marinites? When driving around the crowded, curvy streets in Mill Valley, remember to chilllll. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that these are your neighbors. Similarly, avoid the comments on NextDoor.

If you could invite anyone to a special dinner, who would they be?

Well of course, Michelle Obama and Oprah, but I also think Bob Marley and Eric Clapton would have some great stories to bring to the table. Fictionally, Logan Roy would be both terrifying and eye-opening.

What is some advice you wish you knew 20 years ago?

You’ll run out of steam, and that’s okay.

What is something that in 20 years from now will seem cringeworthy? Texting.

Big question. What is one thing you’d do to change the world? Legalize all plant medicine and normalize therapy-led psychedelic journeys for those with traumas or mental health issues. In America specifically, I’d ban assault weapons and elect a woman to the Oval Office.

Keep up with Kerrigan at @shainakerrigan and @molly.j.life, both on Instagram.


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