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Though the North Bay is always a safe haven for art and artists alike, there’s still something extra special about taking in some demonstrations of local creativity during the holidays.

No matter what fall and wintertime celebrations are on the calendar, it’s easy to find the time to fit in an outing or two to appreciate art (and those who made it). So, without further ado, here are a few places in Marin where one can go to celebrate art, artists and the holidays all in one:

The Art of Entertainment

Winter is a wonderful time to take in a production or two, especially with the nights growing longer, leaving much more downtime to fill with warm indoor entertainment. And whether one prefers to take in a local production of music, theater or any combination thereof, there are plenty of options available.

The Marin Theatre Company, for example, has an upcoming production of Dragon Lady, a solo cabaret musical written and performed by Sara Porkalob and directed by Andrew Russel. Dragon Lady will run from Nov. 24 to Dec. 17. For more information or to pre-purchase tickets, visit marintheatre.org.

The Marin Symphony is another excellent place to take in some holiday entertainment, especially for those who enjoy artistic entertainment in the form of exquisite music. To learn more about upcoming shows and events at the Marin Symphony, visit marinsymphony.org.

Other venues for entertainment this holiday season include Marin Ballet, which will be hosting their traditional, perfectly seasonal performance of Nutcracker. The Lark Theater and Sweetwater Music Hall also have wide entertainment selections for the upcoming holiday season.

Galleries, Exhibitions and More

There is no better time than the holidays to reach out and support local visual artists and artisans. Not only does this help keep Marin County creatives, well, creating—it also keeps the culture of art alive and well within the community.

Sausalito Center for the Arts, for example, has the upcoming “Picture This!” exhibition, which will run from Wednesday, Nov. 15 through Sunday, Dec. 3. This special installment will feature the artwork of various local photographers who have captured and shared the beauty of the Bay Area as seen through their personal lenses. To learn more, visit sausalitocenterforthearts.org.

Gallery Route One is one such place where spenders can show up to support art and artists for the holidays, especially considering this year marks the 40th anniversary of the gallery. To learn more, visit the Gallery Route One website at galleryrouteone.org.

Other galleries exist in every town, city, nook and cranny across the North Bay, so be sure to stop and search for new and exciting exhibitions.

The Fine Art of Wining and Dining

Dining is as much an art form as photography or painting, and it is one that many enjoy indulging in for the holidays. So, in the coming months, consider adding an appreciation of food to the holiday to-do list.

This is especially true since Marin County is the best place in all of California to go out and enjoy a beautiful and bountiful offering of edible delights for the holidays. Whether it’s cheese and mead from Pt. Reyes or a promise of oysters on Tomales Bay, the North Bay is an incredible place for spicing up those winter months with something entirely local and delicious.

Eating and drinking one’s way across town to support locally-owned restaurants, bars and eateries is the best way to celebrate the holidays. Just remember to appreciate the servers with a generous holiday tip as well.


No matter what fall and wintertime celebrations are on the calendar, it’s easy to find the time to fit in an outing or two to appreciate art.


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