1  Ten years ago, in 2012, what two members of the original Grateful Dead helped establish two popular restaurant-bar-music venues in Marin County?

2 What are the two shortest words in the English language?

3 The love child of a male donkey and a female horse is what animal with a four-letter name?

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

4 Eighteenth century British cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale constructed most of his finest pieces of furniture from the wood of what kind of tree?

5 In the list of biggest money-making films of all time, name the top three that have animal names in the titles—all have grossed over $1 billion worldwide since their releases in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

6 When the wandering Roman legions reached this isolated European island, they avoided it, and named it Hibernia, meaning wintery, because of its cold, unwelcome climate.  What European country is this today?

7 Although his first name sounds like something small, this giant athlete is the tallest ever to play with the Golden State Warriors. Give his name, his African homeland and his very unusual height.

8 In 2013, a hardcover coffee-table book, entitled Inside the Red Border, was released that featured historical photos from 90 years of pages from what popular magazine?

9a. Due to an ill-advised amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and its subsequent repeal based on public demand, for how many years was it illegal to manufacture, sell and transport alcoholic beverages?

9b. To get around this prohibition, many nightclubs, bars and restaurants opened secret dens of wildlife, known by what “simple” name?

10 The name for what nautical measurement about six feet in length is also a verb that means to comprehend a challenging problem?

BONUS QUESTION: For the past 30 years, this landlocked European nation with about 10 million inhabitants has been the world’s top per-capita beer-consuming nation. What country is this?

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1 Bob Weir—(the reopened) Sweetwater Cafe in Mill Valley/ Phil Lesh—Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael. Thanks for the question to Ethan Hay from Marin County.

2 A and I (… and O?)

3 Mule, characterized by long ears and a short mane

4 Mahogany

5 Spider-Man: No Way Home, 2021; Lion King, 2019; Black Panther, 2018 (shown in photo)

6 Ireland

7 Manute Bol, 7 feet 7 inches, from Sudan. He’s tied with Gheorge Muresan from Romania as NBA’s tallest ever.

8 Time magazine

9a.14 years (from 1919-1933)

9b. Speakeasies

10 Fathom—thanks for the question to Marty Albion from Lagunitas.

BONUS ANSWER: The Czech Republic—it’s the home of Budweiser, don’t forget…


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music in the park san jose
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