.Best Spot to Grab a Sandwich To-Go

Bruno’s Italian Deli

Is there a more perfect meal for on-the-go adventures than a mouthwatering, classically Italian sandwich made with the same level of love as wedding vows or a hug from your favorite grandparent? 

Short answer, no—nothing hits home quite like a sandwich from Bruno’s Italian Deli, located at 1304 Second St., San Rafael. Their motto, “from our family to yours,” sums up exactly how you’ll feel in their veritable sandwich Shangri-la. Whether you’re planning a relaxing trip to the beach, an ambitious hike up a mountain or you want to dazzle a date with your impeccable picnic-food picks, Bruno’s is the one-stop-shop for sandwiches, drinks and the snacks in-between.

And, when you finally reach that destination point you’ve been dreaming of, taking a bite of that sandwich (that you’ve also been dreaming of), nothing can compare. Flavors burst across your palate in a perfect harmony of bread, sauces, meats and toppings—wherever you are, it will taste like home. 

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Learn more at brunositaliandeli.com.


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