Apr 11, 2019

Breakfast Breakthrough

Necessity is the mother of invention, and I am the father of two young necessities. That is why, in the foggy hours of a...
Sep 5, 2018

Dining: Sweet on Corn

No fresh vegetable is so blindly praised for sweetness, and sweetness alone, as fresh sweet corn. As the name implies, and to the exclusion...
Jun 20, 2018

Nuts for Nut Milk

There’s currently heated debate over whether plant-based beverages like soy milk or almond milk can be advertised as “milk,” which is legally defined by...
May 2, 2018

Food & Drink: Hamburger 101

The hamburger is one of America’s favorite dishes and famous culinary exports. This simple meal illustrates sophisticated gastronomic principles, and thanks to its culinary...
Mar 28, 2018

Food & Drink: Lubing the Leaves

If you scan the tables of America’s favorite eateries, from foodie to fast-casual, you’ll witness many variations of a certain salad. A base of...
Feb 28, 2018

Food & Drink: Smoke Signals

The Kona Coast of Hawaii grows some of the finest coffee on Earth. The trees, along with orchards of citrus, tropical fruit and macadamia...
Jan 10, 2018

Food & Drink: Counting Carbs

After a lifetime of undisciplined eating, I finally embarked on my first real diet, just in time for the holidays. Making my dietary choices...
Nov 15, 2017

Food & Drink: Spice It Up

Until about 14 years ago, the pumpkin spices stayed in familiar culinary territory, adding their aromatic flavors to pies, cookies and the occasional glass...