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Marin Oaks High School teacher John Sanderbeck along with “dirt divas” Anita Jones and Annie Spiegelman, who volunteer weekly to teach students to grow pollinator-attracting plants.

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Spring is abloom and Annie Spiegelman, the Pacific Sun’s own Dirt Diva, and Anita Jones are busy at Marin Oaks High School in Novato teaching students to grow vegetables, fruit trees and flowers that attract pollinators. With the mission close to their hearts, they’ve typically opened their wallets and paid for the plants themselves during their five years of volunteering. This season, enter Chip Young at Pini’s Ace Hardware in Novato, who recently donated a gift card valued at several hundred dollars to the program. Thank you heroes Chip, Annie and Anita for your substantial contributions to Marin Oaks High School and for enabling the bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and other important pollinators to alight on the new plants from Pini’s Ace Hardware. May they grow, bear fruit and blossom.

hero and zero

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Most feared that Yoda, a beautiful yellow Labrador retriever, had drowned after the boat he was on capsized in Tomales Bay on April 6. Two friends and two dogs had been on the boat during the tragic accident in which one man died. The other man and one of the dogs were rescued soon after the boat

Three days after a boating tragedy, Marin County firefighters rescued a missing pooch named Yoda.

overturned. That left only Yoda. Three days after the tragedy, Marin County firefighters involved in a training exercise noticed a yellow dog on a remote rocky shore north of Dillon Beach. The firefighters rescued the missing pooch and brought him to the Tomales Fire Station, where he was warmed by the fireplace and ate a hearty meal. Yoda, unharmed from his ordeal, was returned to his grateful family.

Zero: When you drink and drive, you’re stupid. Drink, drive and hit a car, you’re a menace. Drink, drive and just happen to run smack into a Marin County Sheriff patrol vehicle head-on, well, you’re a stupid menace in a big heap of trouble. Justin Satterfield, 34, of Mill Valley, hit the jackpot in the wee hours of the morning last Sunday when he allegedly crossed into the opposite lane while he attempted to round a curve on Shoreline Highway, which put him straight into the deputy’s path and caused the head-on collision. Fortunately, the deputy’s injuries were minor and Satterfield wasn’t hurt, not physically anyway; however, he was arrested and booked on suspicion of a felony DUI. Goodness gracious. Call Uber next time you drink.



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