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Marin City Sheriff Election Day 2020

Two Arrested Following Election Day Shooting in Marin City

The Marin County Sheriff's Office arrested two Cotati residents after a young Black man in Marin City was shot at 1:00 pm on Tuesday,...
Marin City Trump Train truck with flags

‘Trump Train’ Descends on Marin City Shopping Center

Days before a contentious election, hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters drove into Marin County’s only Black community, sparking fear and anger among residents. The...
Swede's Beach protest Oct. 18, 2020

Cell Phone Video Leads to Racial Justice Protest at Sausalito Beach

Tensions are high all over America regarding race and ethnic relations, and we know Marin is not immune. In just the past two months,...

A Look at Marin County Ballot Measures

With the presidency and the U.S. House and Senate majorities at stake on Nov. 3, it’s easy to focus on the big races. However,...

Marin Headlands’ Coyotes Tracked

Don’t be surprised if you catch sight of a coyote wearing a collar when you’re hiking in the Marin Headlands. Scientists from the Golden...

Anti-Semitism Strikes Marin

The Jewish community in the United States experienced more anti-Semitic incidents last year than in any other year since the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) began...

How Marin’s County Employees Pivoted to Respond to a Pandemic

Since Covid-19’s arrival in Marin, more than 1,000 County employees have moved out of their regular jobs into new positions and hit the ground...

AIM Feeds Marin with Farmers Markets

The Covid-19 pandemic hit local farmers hard. Small to midsize farms lost 90 to 100 percent of their restaurant business when the shelter-in-place order...

Trap the Vote Inspires Black and Brown Youths to Become Politically Active

Trap the Vote, an innovative new program in Marin, encourages Black and Brown young people to vote and educates them about the political process....

Toothless Dog Soothes Dentist’s Patients

Scared of dental work? A Marin dentist has a unique tool for calming your fears: Kismet, a 13-year-old, toothless Chihuahua. Whether you need your...

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