Richard Von Busack


Spotlights, Camera, Action!

Closer than Toronto, warmer than Sundance and less pricey than Cannes: the Mill Valley Film Fest is a real goldilocks; not too big, not...

Under the Lights

As the actor and singer Judy Garland, Renee Zellwegger is held in tight closeup: a bundle of nerves dosing herself with pills, mouth crooked...

Solid Gold

The spice, sweetness and sadness of life is keener now in the 4K restoration of two of Les Blank’s documentaries, Chulas Fronteras (“Beloved ...

Clowning Around

Stephen King once described the film version of Cujo (1981) as “a big, dumb Sonny Liston of a movie.” He was referring to a...

Bee Natural

Like Sweetgrass before it, Honeyland drops you into the old rural ways. Documentary directors Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov spent three years filming the...

Turn Out the Lights

Viewers with complaints about the whiteness and apoliticality of Once Upon a Hollywood may feel a bit relieved with the way Scary Stories...

Benign Shadows

New York writer and performer Awkwafina played the Eve Arden part in Crazy Rich Asians. Blonde of wig and husky of voice, her wacky...

Bon Voyage

Maiden, a documentary about the first all-female yacht crew to participate in the Whitbread Race in 1989-90, dwells upon the emotional state of the...

Force of Nature

If there’s one sad thing historians know about official histories, it’s that success has a thousand fathers … but few mothers. From the days...

Spider-Man Abroad

It’s not yet July 4th, and audiences can already experience Summer Movie Leakage. Spider-Man: Far From Home commences with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)...

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