Oct 9, 2019

The Thing Emerges

I might never have been born if it weren’t for one of my favorite films. Let me explain. My parents worked together in SF for...
Apr 3, 2019

Western Swing

If there is a place that better blends agricultural heritage with a literate, urbane sensibility than Point Reyes Station and environs, then I haven’t...
Dec 6, 2018

The Rent Kept a-Rollin’

“THE FUTURE IS RIDING ON METRO” Never had I ever read such a prescient message as the one stamped at the bottom of my rail-ticket...
Sep 19, 2018

Cover Story: From Russia with Beer

Around 1800, the Russian czar realized the obvious when it came to Russian America (now Alaska): it’s impossible to grow food there. To solve...
Oct 18, 2017

Feature: So it Goes

On an overcast day in October 2016, I walked behind my guide as we traveled along the soggy bank of the Elbe River. Beside...
Aug 23, 2017

Upfront: Train I Ride

Mr. Godot told me to tell you he won’t come this evening but surely tomorrow.—Samuel Beckett, ‘Waiting for Godot’ In July of 2008 I was...