Digging Dirt

A difficult part of this quarantine stems from an essential loss of American identity:...

‘Overwhelm the Sky’ Makes its reach

Overwhelm the Sky is the kind of slippery film that gets called "ambitious" as...

Flammable Romance

The two-woman, huntress-gets-captured-by-the-game romance Portrait of a Lady on Fire offers a lot, particularly...

Oscar-nominated animated shorts screen together

Get out your handkerchiefs, because rich tales of sadness constitute this year’s selection of...

‘Aeronauts’ keeps its head in the clouds

The gallant and thrilling The Aeronauts bypasses the problem of telling an adventure story...

Sharp Mystery

Middling, but not without surprises, Knives Out is Rian Johnson’s mystery about a group...


The Watchmen on HBO is perhaps the Age of Streaming’s most drastic departure from...


Do a film autopsy on Todd Phillips’ Joker, and you might find most of...

Solid Gold

The spice, sweetness and sadness of life is keener now in the 4K restoration...

Clowning Around

Stephen King once described the film version of Cujo (1981) as “a big, dumb...

Bee Natural

Like Sweetgrass before it, Honeyland drops you into the old rural ways. Documentary directors...

Turn Out the Lights

Viewers with complaints about the whiteness and apoliticality of Once Upon a Hollywood...

The Walking Meh

Like the zombies it depicts, Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die is dead on...

Shaft’s Big Burn

Shaft is supposed to be about a black private dick, not a shtick about...
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