Jonah Raskin


Chuck Ross’ Secret Ingredient

Chuck Ross, 42, the man behind the fledgling company, F.A. Nino’s, has found a way to marry his own passions with the demands of...

Aaron Keefer Grows Veggies & Pot

The “No Pot on Purvine” signs are gone and so are some of the anti-pot citizens who lived on Purvine Road and sold their...

Jewel Mathieson: Fearless Activist

She called herself “a breast cancer survivor, dancer, award-winning storyteller and poetry slam champion.” Jewel Mathieson was all those things and much more. She...

Cannabis and the County

A sense of frustration characterizes the mood of the Sonoma County cannabis community, but cultivators are also smiling more now. That’s due to Niki Berrocal...

Wine Country Women Fight Glyphosate

Call it Wine Country or call it Glyphosate Country. According to Padi Selwyn, the cofounder of Preserve Rural Sonoma County, and Laura Morgan, a...

Ivan Escobar is in Heaven

Ivan Escobar works in cannabis heaven, or as they say south of the border, Estamos en la gloria. Born in Michoacán, 21-years-old, and fluent...

Sonoma Patient Group covers the North Bay

“Drive!” Kevin McEachern tells his team. The delivery manager at the Sonoma Patient Group (SPG), the oldest and longest-operating cannabis dispensary in the county,...

Marijuana Act reverses Nixonian law

Cannabis groups come and go, but NORML, the granddaddy of cannabis organizations, has been around ever since 1970. The National Organization for the Reform...

Growth Mindset

Alex Rowland has lived most of his adulthood in the U.S., but for his first seven years or so he called the land “Down...

Red, White, Blue—and Green

He doesn’t want me to use his real name. His employers might be unhappy to read about his adventures in the marijuana world, though...

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