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Seize life by the quote

When I first stood on the periphery of what we could call my screenwriting...

M-M-M-My Corona

It was inevitable that the Knack’s 1979 classic track, “My Sharona,” would catch corona...

Don’t Panic

I’m a pretty shabby audio processor (just ask anyone who’s ever conversed with me),...

Sci-Fi Takes Center Stage

To genre purists, the idea of androids navigating the footlights of a stageplay may...

Cheek to cheeky

On view on floor five as part of the “Pop, Minimal, and Figurative Art”...


I’ve been recovering from a recent bout of digital marketing. I don’t want to...

How I Became an Art Thief

Ever want to post a nude online but fear future repercussions? Conceptual artist Andy...

Cinematic ’Stache

During production on the artsploitation flick Pill Head, I ran to the local deli...

Saint Drogo: the patron of sheep and coffee houses

Like many of my godless generation, I know more about Marvel superheroes than I...

Sealed for your protection

Shrink-wrapped, used paperback books. It’s a thing. I spotted a rack of them in...

January madness

It’s January—the month named for the Roman god Janus who was simultaneously able to...

It’s Acid, Charlie Brown: A Peanuts LSD-conspiracy theory

When my son was younger, he loved Charlie Brown and the woebegone world he...

When Artificial Intelligence Wants Your Writing Job

I use artificial intelligence the way an amputee might use a prosthetic leg. Without...


Trawling for Thanksgiving quotes, Pacific Sun-contributor and Petaluma Argus-Courier community-editor David Templeton emailed a...
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