Sonoma County’s Not-So-Hidden Reality

A la supervisora Shirlee, es clave decir lo que uno siente y...

Under Attack

I am an ordinary citizen. I don’t have a high security clearance...

Jewel Mathieson: Fearless Activist

She called herself “a breast cancer survivor, dancer, award-winning storyteller and poetry...

Inauthenticity cure

Some flack from West L.A. beamed me a release for a premium,...

Open Mic: PG&E erects unsightly monster

Once again, PG&E is up to its dirty tricks. Without specific prior...

Letters: News Talk

People need to continue to speak out against the toxins in our...

Defending Dreamers

Thank you for this explanation of what DACAs face in our court...

Cannabis and the County

A sense of frustration characterizes the mood of the Sonoma County cannabis...

A call for reform

This is a plea for any reform-minded citizens to run for the...

Ivan Escobar is in Heaven

Ivan Escobar works in cannabis heaven, or as they say south of...

Sadness in His Madness

A Poem of Bearing Witness By Paul E. Cheney

New Plan

This is my third go around being homeless and flying under the...

Democracy in jeopardy in the Rose City

Federal agents in Portland, Oregon, essentially kidnapped American citizens using unmarked vans...

Dark Age

We are still in the dark regarding the implications (of the fact)...

Prop the Vote: A Cheat Sheet to California’s Statewide Ballot Measures

Issues proposed in California’s statewide ballot measures can sometimes be as opaque as they are varied, which is why the Pacific Sun’s...

Letter to the Editor: Measure P

Measure P, Sonoma County’s proposed ordinance to make IOLERO (Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach) more effective, does not take...

Eddie Alvarez Runs for Council

A local environmental group recently endorsed Eddie Alvarez, though it also called him “rough around the edges.” Alvarez is running for a...

Zach Woods’ ‘David’ Delights at SJSFF

There comes a time in every reporter’s career when an actor must be interviewed because they’ve directed a short film. These moments...
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